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PUCKHEADS - Compact Automatic Folding Umbrella

PUCKHEADS - Compact Automatic Folding Umbrella

Arm yourself against the elements with this striking "PUCKHEADS" themed umbrella, showcasing a bold pirate skeleton design that's as fearless as your hockey spirit. Perfect for the die-hard fan, this umbrella promises to keep you dry while making a statement.


  • Material: The umbrella is constructed with durable polyester fabric, ideal for repelling water and resisting wind.
  • Compact Size: When folded, the umbrella measures just 26cm (10.2 inches) in length, easily fitting into bags and backpacks.
  • Ample Coverage: Unfolds to a generous diameter of 95cm (37.4 inches), providing substantial protection from rain.
  • Convenient Strap and Cover: Comes with a practical strap measuring 21cm x 2cm (8.3" x 0.8") and a protective cover sized at 22cm x 4cm x 4cm (8.7" x 1.6" x 1.6").
  • Automatic Open and Close: A single press of the button swiftly opens and closes the umbrella, while the handle retracts manually for a smooth operation.
  • Design: The eye-catching design features the "PUCKHEADS" logo with a vivid neon green and black color scheme, adorned with pirate skeletons, hockey sticks, and pucks, making it not only a practical accessory but also a cool statement piece.
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